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How To Get Men Of Value Challenger Banks

How To Get Men Of Value

Challenger Banks

Kindle Edition
213 pages
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 About the Book 

Bermudian author Challenger Banks has dedicated this book to helping women attract the type of guy they want.You already know how to get men. Thats not the problem. The problem is how to get the good ones. The Men of Value.With this book you will learn how to distinguish and attract the best men available.Never worry again about whether you can get someone else after a breakup. Never again hold onto a relationship thats only second best. Gain the power to get exactly what youre looking for.Be confident in the fact that you will have the skills and knowledge to know exactly how to get the upper echelon of men.Learn why the good ones fear getting married.Misinformation be gone. Just the bare truth, nothing more.No lies to make you feel better or to sell you a product. Just the truth about how the most desirable men think and what attracts them.Live your life without the worry of having to to settle for anything less than what you wanted.Get rid of the will I ever meet somebody? mentality looming over your head.Learn how to attract the Men of Value.Challenger Banks also donates one dollar from every purchase to Breast Cancer Research UK.