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The Wolf Lords Mate Elise Artez

The Wolf Lords Mate

Elise Artez

Kindle Edition
33 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Tired of her high society life, Amelia longs to do something wild- something that will fulfill her deepest, darkest fantasies. Something that will make her forget that the man she loves--the man shes about to marry--wants nothing to do with her. Under the guidance of the full moon, Amelia takes to the forest to search out the fabled werewolves that have a taste for young, untouched women.She never expected she would actually find them.When shes confronted by a pack of powerful half-man, half-wolf beasts, its up to her betrothed, Simon, to save her. But Simon has a big, beastly secret of his own, and Amelia may get just what she wants from the one man shes craved all along--a rough night of passion shell never forget.This 10,000 word erotic short features a woman who knows exactly what she wants and a shy werewolf who succumbs to his wild side for his one true love. This is a standalone story with a HEA ending!