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Robophobia Richard                   Evans


Richard Evans

Published April 1st 2004
ISBN : 9780954752118
208 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

He looks like us, he acts like us, but he is not one of us. What would he do if he knew? 2029: Robotic devices are endemic throughout advanced cultures, a new slave class that tends to every human requirement. One company, Edosys, leads the way with the development of humanoid robots that care for the most intimate needs whilst another, BioMimetica, is poised to unveil androids that experience emotion and have sophisticated biographical memories. BioMimeticas psychologist Alex Sorber is growing disillusioned in his relationship with his android companion Kim Fox, finding that he longs for a more normal lifestyle with a more human partner. plagued too by traumatic nightmares that depict him as a machine prototype - something far removed from his human longings. This turmoil is compounded when Edosys robots inexplicably turn against their users, igniting long-held fears among humans towards this strange new species. Set in Boston, which has played a crucial part in both the development of artificial intelligence and the abolition of Americas slave trade, Robophobia is a haunting futuristic thriller that offers a sympathetic portrayal of an emerging race who neither wish to be human, nor to cause harm to their creators. Robophobia tells a unique story of humankinds anxiety towards living machines and one individuals discovery of their own true nature.